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Joomla vBulletin integration and other related or not ...

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  • Joomla vBulletin integration and other related or not ...

    Under development the new integration between Joomla and vBulletin.
    It will come as plugin on the Joomla! side to recognize and login the user, while vBulletin files need to be edited with addition of same instruction like Nuke vBulletin or Postnuke vBulletin integrations.
    The way to integrate systems can't be exactly the same, but in this case will be even more comfortable and even more easy. will switch to Joomla! in the web pages side as soon when the JoomlavB 1.0.0 will be released.

    The JoomlavB archive will include:

    vBulletin instructions for the vBulletin side, and 3 differents plugins for joomla:
    joomlavb plugin for user's login (vBulletin login), latest forum posts plugin, online users (total count) plugin.
    Any other on request, but this is the minimum released in the first JoomlavB 1.0.0 version.

    User's interlocking between databases will be also provided.

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    Almost ready: the JVB integration (Joomla vBulletin integration) will work using vBulletin login system.
    An existent, registered user on vBulletin will be added to the Joomla database from the system: in the vBulletin side it is required to add two unique instructions and a file while for the Joomla side it is request to install the jvb plugin (automatic install as any other joomla's plugin).


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      Joomla vBulletin integration plugin

      After some time of local tests, the Joomla vBulletin plugin integration will be installed here at for a short online testing (debug) time, so it will become available as JVB plugin integration version 1.0.0.

      Needed three steps for installation process:

      1) Execution of one file.
      2) Edit 2 files on vBulletin side adding just 1 instruction.
      3) Installation of the jvb plugin on joomla! side (as any other joomla plugin).

      Simply, powerful, effective.

      The file for the user's interlocking procedure between Joomla and vBulletin will be also provided.


      • #4 - from postnuke to joomla integrated with vBulletin

        Switch time for to joomla (site web side).
        Installation of Joomla and vBulletin will be done on different databases.


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          Users import/sincro script executed succesfully

          All registered users at forum are been transferred (added) to the Joomla! database (that is running/installed in different database). The JVB users sincro/import script is ready.


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            Simultaneous user addition/deletion/registration on Joomla from vBulletin

            Registration (or user addition from vB admin) on vBulletin add automatically the new user also on Joomla, 'vB user id -> same user ID on Joomla'.
            Single or multiple users deletion from vBulletin admin (an eliminated vB user is deleted also on Joomla in the same time).

            The front Joomla frame will be opened as soon, even if the entire integration work isn't finished.


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              Joomla vBulletin integration

              The w3JVB integration, plugin and script that integrate Joomla and vBulletin is running.
              It is a beta testing version that include the following features (or will include):
              1. Users interlocking between Joomla and vBulletin databases. Joomla and vB are using differents databases in the same server (in this case) but the connection can be done to any external mysql server. Any addition or deletion of users performed on vBulletin is executed also for Joomla in the same time (vB user id = Joomla user ID)
              2. Login plugin for Joomla!: all users go to login by using vBulletin login system. Appropriate redirection is done when login action come from Joomla pages.
              3. Latest forum Posts/Threads module for Joomla.

              ... any other on request or any other coming ...


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                jvb raw version

                Also if the integration between Joomla and vBulletin (w3JVB) has been done in the 'raw version', it need to be adjusted and fixed in some aspect.
                The Joomla plugin (that need to be installed as any other Joomla plugin in the Joomla administration) and the jvb.php file (that need to be included only once time with an unique instruction to the vBulletin global.php file) are in testing time.
                Please sorry for any eventual discomfort that you may experience in these days.

                Registrations are open but please do not forget to refer and read the rule post.


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                  w3-Joomla-vBulletin ready

                  The integration is almost ready and fixed over all aspects.
                  Logout or login for Joomla is executed on vBulletin using the login module of joomla that has been modified to point (with proper values) to the vBulletin login system. User redirection to appropriate joomla page after the login/out action.
                  The correct logout action (login has been fixed and work fine already) will be ready in some hour more and will be extended to all others integrations (as from 3.7.1 >, all vBulletin versions have change (and increased) users security check) as PnvB, WPvB, NukevB ...


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                    I want to know whether this module will allow member to make a comment for Joomla article. It will create a comment link at the bottom of each Joomla article and redirect vistors to VB side to make a comment.

                    It's possible?


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                      Joomla users registration level

                      Expressly speaking about the possibility of a new user to have rights on joomla side and insert replies or contents, there are more than one possible ways to achieve the result.
                      Joomla have as default in his system under Global Configuration/System/New User Registration Type four kind of levels for new registrations: Registered, Author, Editor and Publisher.
                      A simple feature let you choose between these options, configurable as other parameters needed for the config section of the joomla vBulletin integration (w3 Joomla vBulletin Integration).

                      If you are speaking about something different, please let know.


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                        I'm highly excited reading this topic. For past 2 months, none of my days left without checking this thread, holding my breath waiting for something to come up.

                        The w3it site / forum integration really shows how well it's progress.

                        Great job axew3! I'm sure millions of people out there will have a good use of it!




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                          Where can i download this integraion?


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                            joomla vBulletin (or something else) integration

                            it is available as personal php support service immediately.
                            While it will be a free project maybe in short time, i'm thinking seriously on it.


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                              Joomla integrated with vbulletin, zikula and wordpress

                              Joomla has been integrated to after long time so, Joomla! return online as part of network, you can see the under construction cms www IT that will be dedicated to the Php language under various aspects and to Information Technology. Any eventually help on this will be really appreciated and needed.


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