Integrations bridges – vBulletin, phpBB, WordPress, Joomla, Zikula — can help you integrating systems you need, bulletin boards (vbulletin, invision, phpbb —) with CMS of any kind (joomla, zikula, wordpress —) or any other application with another one, or more of your choice (Php coded). You can contact us asking for assistance in developing your systems integrations, or just asking for an integration you need ready to be installed on your system.
You can ask for any feature you want added with your bridge integration: last entries, online users, or any publication of some content from one application to the other. You can project something unique, we help you realizing it. Plugins, Add ons, Blocks and any kind of hack/modification or more can be coded just for you.
Remember that you can you can contact us, any moment, we are here for you, and just in time! 🙂

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