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WordPress w3 SEO plugin download
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    Default WordPress w3 SEO plugin download

    This is a temporary download page for the w3 SEO keywords plugin for wordpress.
    It is a initially version that need to be improved. You need to keep in mind you can with easy use it on your WordPress but only if (at this moment) you have not enabled the permalinks feature.
    As it is structured and retrieve data at this point, it can work only with permalinks disabled.
    More about how to use w3 metakeywords plugin for wordpress is available with a very short general how to (until the plugin will not come out in the version 2.0.0 where also permalinks are implemented and used as part of, and the archive will contain also an instructions file).
    Need help improving this code that will be released as GPL when stable, in this moment it is released as:

    and you can download w3 metakeywords plugin for WordPress here in attach.
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