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  • w3it PNVB - The Postnuke vBulletin Bridge discussions

    Next days a test online of the w3bridge Postnuke vBulletin will be setup on (this site). Only certains accounts will have the possibility to login-out on two systems in this testing time to try out the code and check it for eventually bugs.
    So don't worry if you can't login all over pages, that's ok!
    It means your account isn't a testing account!

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    w3it PNVB online. Testing time. All accounts can login all over site.
    I'm searching now for a way to solve the latest issue.
    When you do the login on vBulletin pages, and after go to visit Postnuke pages, you must reload (or click on some postnuke links) for two times before to became effectively recognized like a registered user. That because Postnuke must process some instructions and than render you as online (that process is done during normal PN login). I've solve for the moment, using a javascript that force page reload for 2 time, but isn't the right way, and for sure isn't so elegant. I will find a different way, hope in very short time. In the mean time the system is online, you can visit Postnuke pages of w3it .org by visiting main url.

    P.s Do not expect to see correct number of online users on two systems. That is very simple to achive, but that RAW version of the bridge still not accomplish it for the moment.


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      nice work


      your integration sounds quite promising.
      i would love to use it. yet, just one question:

      how does the user-synchronisation work? if i´m registered/logged in in postnuke and then visit vbulletin, am i registered /logged in there as well automatically? does it work the other way round as well?


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        Hi and welcome soultrain. I've test the two systems (postnuke and vbulletin) in many ways latest week. Finally, i have choose what i was thinking better and the bridge work using vBulletin login system: but that was the first impression, now, i know can be possible also on reverse, using instead postnuke login.
        Now, tryng to answer to your question.
        Yes is possible to do the reverse, and also, this kind of bridge can work over and between every existent system.
        But why we should do that? On postnuke user account manager i have cut off the section related user profile: i have do that just because that was the short way to solve some questions, anyway is possible to leave as is postnuke, also the user profile manager. When all will be ready, with an unique login you will can be online on two systems as now, but vBulletin login system should redirect you to postnuke page where you have insert user and pass! (that what i will try). So, with this all should be in order. (i think you was speaking about that finally).

        p.s This night doing some tests i have discover a possiblity to make the postnuke login process more 'rapid', cutting off the necessary double page refresh, so the moment of release is coming (and always i hope in short time!).

        Thanks for all suggestions and please, remark about all you (or anybody else) think i have misunderstand, not understand, or just for any other reason.


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          thanks for your reply. for me the following would be interesting:

          1. it doesnt matter where you login - on postnuke or vbulletin - but you should be online on both systems then. so if you login on postnuke and then visit the forum, you should be logged in in the forum - and if you login on vbulletin you should be logged in as well if you visit the postnuke parts of the website afterwards.

          2. the same goes for the logout.

          3. how does the registration work? it would be nice if you could register on both systems - either in postnuke or in vbulletin. for postnuke it would be enough if you can only choose a username, register and thats it. if you want to edit a profile, you should go to vbulletin because here the profile is important.

          by the way, is hacking of any core-files needed for the usage of your bridge?
          happy testing,


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            Yes that is. Login form will be activate also on postnuke, that is not important if the login is doing by vB or Postnuke: the important is, after i have insert my username and password i will be redirected automatically on the same page of one or other system, as needed if i had do the login from Pn or vB.

            The same for logout, obviusly.

            The registration is on one system only. No reason why should be done on two differents: when i go to one site and i like to register, i click to a registration link and it will take me only to a unique registration page!


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              COOL! what about the core files? any hacking needed?


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                It is necessary to insert one include instruction (1 line of code) on some files of vBulletin, (very very easy) and only in index.php for Postnuke. Nothing more.
                Is that secure? Yes, at least how much are secure vBulletin and Postnuke: the bridge take results from systems, do not process really nothing that isn't done from vB or PN!


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                  very very promising. well, keep me / us updated through this thread when the brigde is finished. will it actually be released as open source?


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                    I'm sorry, this night my time, PnvB was not not working properly.
                    Now all is ok and you can see all results of the bridge and what really can be done with it.
                    On Postnuke online block you can see how many users are online on forum also. Changing the Postnuke mysql query is possible display on Postnuke pages all what we like from vB and show it in any block. Latests forum threads block is instead a modified version of postnuke stories block.


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                      PnvB first release will include 3 blocks for Postnuke:

                      1) Online block: to substitute the default online block of Postnuke and display also forums users.
                      2) Login block: to automatically set an integrated login block configured to fetch forum location and login.
                      3) Latest Threads block: to display latests forums threads on Postnuke's pages.

                      In minutes the integration between Postnuke and vBulletin can be up and running.


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                        GREAT! thanks for fixing the logout/hash bug
                        btw: there is still a little error, or lets say misspell: the logout-url on this testsite (postnuke part) refers to the directory 'forum" - although it should be "forums"- thats why you get an error.

                        one question cocnerning the new blocks: are the pn api-compliant, so that one could easily change the layout?



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                          what about a "latest updated threads" block, which will bring you to new entries in the different threads? are you planning to include that as well?


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                            Latests posts as being added.
                            The PnvB code is very compact, and to achieve the result that you can experience here on pages, is required about 10 minutes of work between vB and Postnuke files editing (1 line of code on some files) and the necessary ftp files transfer.

                            Web Power in your hands


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                              PnvB as been released.
                              After donation you will be added to appropriate usergroup and a new forum specific for PnvB (and modifications in general) will become visible/accessible.
                              Read this PnvB thread for further info.


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